Ost & Kjex are a Norwegian electro duo whose new album Freedom Wig amply shows how difficult it can be to translate electronic music from DJ sets to an album. They are obviously influenced by the likes of Hot Chip or many of the DFA label’s acts, but what they fail to do is pay attention to how those acts manage to create in effect two albums – one for the studio and one with versions to be played live. Instead, they seem to have plonked tracks that would no doubt work in the right sort of club setting onto and album and, as a result, it fails to connect on any level.

On a positive note, there are some wonderful pieces of all out techno here on tracks like Fur Gurrick but good moments are few and far between. Opener Honky Tonk comes across as smug, minimal nonsense, Heart Of Gold is beyond bland and ChaChaCha is as bad as its title would suggest. The worst thing here though is the lamentable The Baker’s Daughter which is possibly the worst thing I’ve heard.

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Combining light jazz with dull as dishwater beats and the smuggest of smug vocals, listening to this is like being trapped in the worst kind of £6.99 for a coffee, hipstery, distressed woodwork, food served in a welly-boot type of establishment where this type of sound is all to prevalent.

I fail to see the point of this record at all.

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