North London’s psych-pop four piece Gengahr release their Debut LP A Dream Outside on 16th June. Falsetto vocals and psychedelic guitars bathed in a good measure of melancholic beauty makes this album a stand-out contender for fans of the alternative scene.

Gengahr’s songs are beautifully constructed mixing chords, psychedelic pedal driven riffs and drums into a haunting yet uplifting series of melodies. While they are unlikely to be hailed as producers of all out party bangers, their music is just the sort of backing you need for a chilled summer afternoon in the sun. Their style is like a collusion of Radiohead and Maccabees with a bit of funk thrown in but making them stand out above all else is lead singer/guitarist Felix’s nasal falsetto, which is as distinctive as it is captivating to hear.

It’s easy to get lost listening to their interweaving, heady and complex melodies dashed with electronica like those heard on Embers and the chord driven catchiness that is Heroine gets stuck in my head for hours. Their lyrics are poetic and full of subtleties that leave much to the imagination, most evident on the distinctly macabre Fill My Gums With Blood.

While Felix’s vocals are occasionally overridden by the overall size of the sound produced by remaining band members Danny, John and Hugh, it does little to dampen things. I don’t think Gengahr are going to set the world alight, but they bring something new to the fray that is difficult to describe and trust me, you’ll know what I’m talking about when you hear it.

Gengahr – She´s A Witch on MUZU.TV.

There are a few stand out tracks, the aforementioned Heroine, She’s A Witch and Lonely as a Shark are particularly infectious and instrumental psych-funk track Dark Star is filled with a fantastically effortless cool.

The album is great from start to finish and it’s easy to hear why they were chosen to support The Maccabees on their latest tiny-venue tour. They headline their own tour later this year and I for one, hope to catch them as they pass through.

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