ALBUM REVIEW: Geneviève Racette – Satellite


ALBUM REVIEW: Geneviève Racette – Satellite
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Québécois folk-pop artist Geneviève Racette releases her brand-new album, Satellite, a nine-track collection of songs revealing tales of contemplation and self-discovery filtered through the progression of love.

Her third LP, Satellite, stirs up echoes of love, heartbreak, healing, forgiveness and, ultimately, falling in love again. The title – Satellite – speaks volumes about the universal quest for love. A satellite is an object in space orbiting or circling another object, held in place by gravity, i.e., love. If gravity or love fails, the object crashes. If not, then the object continues to circle. It's a beautiful analogy for the beginnings and endings of love.

​Geneviève's previous album, No Water, No Flowers, received national acclaim, including a Canadian Folk Music award, sharing the stage with City and Colour, glowing media reviews and features, and vast airplay on Canadian air radio stations.

Entry points on the album include "Maybe," opening on gleaming guitars topped by Geneviève's evocative voice, imbuing the tune with velvety quixotic timbres. A light throbbing rhythm evokes the beating of a human heart.

A personal favourite, "Les adieux," translated 'Goodbyes,' is sung in French and conveys the melancholy and nostalgia of saying farewell. Gorgeously radiant harmonies infuse the tune with cashmere echoes. At once sumptuous and graceful, Geneviève's vocals give the lyrics soft, tender textures.

The title track travels on low-slung guitars and an elegant piano, riding a measured rhythm. As the tune takes on resonance and harmonic elevation, Geneviève's delicious timbres instil the lyrics with poignancy.

The feel and flow of "The Tide" transport gentle sonic hues, highlighted by a lonesome crying guitar, imbuing the song with cap-a-pie ghostly gesticulations. On the final track, "Change My Mind," Geneviève, accompanied by only her compassionate guitar, parades the subtle silkiness of her marvellous voice.

Simultaneously warm and simmering with deep emotions, Satellite delivers luxurious washes of folk-pop, along with the opulent voice of Geneviève Racette.

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