ALBUM REVIEW: Form – This World is Ours


ALBUM REVIEW: Form - This World is Ours

Multi-National Synth trio ‘Form’ emerged onto the music scene in 2018 with their debut album Defiance + Entropy. The threesome consisting of Keith Trigwell (England), Mark Bebb (Wales) and Rob Dust (Germany) are back with their second offering entitled ‘This World is Ours’ on Friday 9th April 2021 on Infacted Recordings.

Defiance + Entropy was a brilliantly intricate piece of work with polished production and versatile vocal arrangements, and ‘Form’ appear to have pulled it out of the bag again with This World is Ours. The Ten track album opens with the debut single ‘You’, which is due to make its grand entrance on 2nd April 2021, featuring its EBM styled intro overlayed with Choral pads that explode into an energetic and intensely electronic brooding heavyweight.

‘Here’ features next with its thoughtful piano intro soft vocals, emerging electronics and pulsing synths. The sustained soothing vocals build towards an ending that exudes triumphalism. Next up is ‘Succumb’ that features Icy piercing Synths with an anthem-like chorus, high range vocals and a leftfield switch that turns this from electro ballad to electro pumper, Jan Hammer style!

The track concludes in a melancholic ending which is pure brilliance. ‘Extinction’ carries a bubbling bassline and an ever-optimistic theme entwined with a thoughtful lyric and is one of Forms more assured sounding compositions. ‘Glitter’ is next up with its deep-toned introduction, Hi Nrg verses and Sci-fi middle 8, culminating into a genius interlude with eerie toy shop sounding synths complete with Bowie Ashes to Ashes sounds through the mix.

‘Protector’ emerges as a pensive track with serious emotive electronics and soft vocals that concludes in a wonderful piece of work. ‘Hazed’, showcases Bebb’s falsetto vocal on top of an aggressive arrangement that merges into an upbeat stomper. Next up, ‘Viva’ enjoys a positive rolling synth line, hard-edged stabbing electronics and a general feel-good concept. ‘Athenian’ uses its Sinister bass and sparse opening verse to lure the listener into a probable sombre affair but the chorus and second verse build showcasing the heartfelt vocals to propel this to another album high point.

The final track, ‘World’, is a high tempo poppy affair with Vince Clarke style Bleeps. Blips, squiggles and intergalactic Sci-Fi synths with a middle 8 that Numan would be proud of and, all in all, a thoroughly feel-good track. The album’s outro has a distinct Depeche Mode feel about it compared to the 1986 b side Christmas Island all be it sped up with some chunky bass and punchy drums and finishes off the album in a dark yet upbeat way.

This World is Ours is, as a follow-up album, a great barometer about how this band has progressed during the Worlds hard times over the last period while staying off the predictable woes and sticking to what they make best, Electronic music encompassing all styles. Trigwells Synth prowess, Dusts production expertise, and Bebb’s vocal adaptability has shone through again, and there definitely isn’t a problem with second album syndrome here.

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