ALBUM REVIEW: Emily Henry – The New World


ALBUM REVIEW: Emily Henry – The New World

Washington D.C.-based indie-pop/electronic singer-songwriter Emily Henry releases her new album, The New World, a collection of eight tracks exploring, shares Emily, “stories about love and magic and what it means to be a person.”

Her debut EP, Matchsticks, highlights Emily’s celestial voice, as well as darker, mysterious music. Matchsticks were released in 2016. After a five-year time out, Emily is back with her sophomore album, The New World. Often compared to Joni Mitchell and Sylvan Esso, Emily’s inimitable voice sets her apart.

Emily began writing songs early on, composing melodies to the poems and lyrics of her favourite characters in her books. Later, in high school and college, she performed far and wide, followed by releasing Matchsticks.

The New World opens with “I See The Light,” a poignant song about discovering a sliver of hope in the darkness and pushing through difficulties. Inspired by author Naomi Alderman’s novel, The Power, the song’s lyrics reveal the essence of fortitude.

Opening on sparkling colours topped by Emily’s plush vocals, “I See The Light” rides a cavernous bassline surrounded by shimmering layers of polished sound.

Highlights on the album include “The Sound,” flowing on snapping accents and smooth, simmering textures. A personal favourite, “Stoplight”, rolls out on rich electro-pop hues travelling on a tight, contagious rhythm as Emily’s posh vocals imbue the lyrics with longing savours, while delicious harmonies arise on haunting filaments.

“Why Waste Time” features a thumping pop beat supporting swirling, percolating harmonics. Hints of dance energy give the tune pulsating, alluring waves of vibrant colouration. While the final track, “Your Side,” features dreamy, drifting leitmotifs, gliding on creamy tiers. Hushed and whispery, Emily’s gorgeous voice infuses the lyrics with velvety, melancholy tones.

Wonderfully wrought, The New World blends suffusions of sumptuous indie-pop with opulent washes of electronic influences, all capped by the yummy voice of Emily Henry.

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