ALBUM REVIEW: DYLVN – Falling Far From Home


ALBUM REVIEW: DYLVN – Falling Far From Home

San Clemente, California-based pop singer-songwriter DYLVN, releases his debut album, Falling Far From Home, a collection of 10 tracks delving into love, heartbreak, and redemption.

DYLVN explains, “I was going through a period in my life where I didn’t know what the hell love was. I thought I knew…but falling out of this infatuated fantasy of what I thought was love put me into this dark hole. Coming out of it and writing this album really helped me find who I was not only as an artist but who I really want to be within my life.”

While growing up, songwriting and performing pulled at DYLVN like a magnet, leading to involvement in acting and music in high school. After graduating, his friends encouraged him to jump into music with both feet, revealing his personal emotions. In 2020, he released his first single, “Dust of Love,” followed by beginning work on Falling Far From Home.

Entry points on Falling Far From Home include “Dust of Love,” opening on a low-slung sparkling acoustic guitar riding an undulating rhythm. Luminous backing harmonies accentuate DYLVN’s slightly rasping tenor, at once passionate and effortless. The trap-pop roll of this song becomes addictive.

“24 Roses” rolls out on a tropical-flavoured melody rippling with percolating hints of reggae-lite. A glowing organ infuses the tune with quixotic mists as DYLVN’s vocals imbue the lyrics with romantic savours.

The teeter-tottering rhythm of “Eyebags,” merging a trap-pop beat with ebbing and rising lustrous layers of harmonics creates a dreamy, alluring song. “Ashes,” featuring Brooke Sierra, travels on tender colours, relating the scorching power of love. Brooke’s voice, creamy and sumptuous, adds velvety tones while complementing DYLVN’s rasping-lite timbres.

“Smoke” features a cool trap-pop rhythm capped by shimmering, kaleidoscopic hues as DYLVN narrates his heartache. “You left / I’m lost / What’s love / I hate it.”

Balanced between melodic trap and pop, Falling Far From Home drips with profound emotions expressed through keen lyricism and the evocative voice of DYLVN.

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