“Real Eyes”, the third single from Jennie Vee’s stunning debut album SPYING, is a song drenched in melancholy and longing. She says “I set the scene in the first verse with the imagery of a character abandoning hope and stoically stating her intention to “dig a grave”…to bury what? Herself? Her thoughts? A victim?”

Real Eyes at times evokes the spirit of The Cure’s “Disintegration” and lyrically there are several nods to the Manic Street Preachers, most notably in the powerful bridge where whatever has hurt the protagonist is what has given her clarity and will set her free: “I choose isolation, I will be destroyed by nothing, I will be defined by reflection, I will be decay and ashes” she powerfully states as if a war cry delivered from a mountainous peak, but the war was one she waged within herself.

Jennie says:

“The song is existential in its nature and conclusion. It’s no wonder considering I was reading Camus and Sartre when I was 10 years old.”

“I feel that my song “Real Eyes” creeps up on you, draws you in like a bad dream, but one you hope will reoccur again and again”.

The accompanying video was shot in Los Angeles with Will Dearborn and Piper Ferguson known for her work with Beck, Florence + The Machine and Imagine Dragons to name a few. Kristen Hilkert handles editing duties.

Jennie says “2015 has been a year of long standing dreams coming true – sharing bills with the Manic Street Preachers, Echo and the Bunnymen, Johnny Marr, playing bass for Courtney Love and now working with Piper Ferguson on this project. I’ve always loved Piper’s work with musicians and shooting with her was a true honor and pleasure. She was able to capture the energy I bring to my live bass playing in a studio setting. It’s purely instinctual and real.”

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