VIDEO PREMIERE: MATTY CARLOCK teams up with Casanova for his latest video “Quick Love” - Watch Now

VIDEO PREMIERE: MATTY CARLOCK teams up with Casanova for his latest video “Quick Love” - Watch Now
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Less than a year after his February release of debut solo LP The Jailbirds, Matty Carlock delivers another hip hop trailblazer. Out today with XS Noize, “Quick Love,” featuring New York rap staple, Casanova, is a story of post-heartbreak parties and hookups.

With a catchy hook and solid, danceable beat, this duo brings their talent as producers into the song along with their musical skills. The video is a celebration of New York and the relationships and freedom found within the chaos of the city. The juxtaposition of community and loneliness in the video parallels the themes of desire and loss in the song and seems to call out Matty’s own history of being present in multiple worlds and genres at the same time.

Matty Carlock’s musical career may seem like a bit of everything, but what ties it all together is the undeniable passion behind the songs. With overlapping presences in hip-hop, hardcore, and Americana; the multi-faceted, former behind-the-scenes writer and producer for upcoming rappers Albee Al and Bulletproof Belv and onetime frontman of Shai Hulud is truly a jack of all trades. “Quick Love” sees him sliding back into hip hop after his rock-centric LP release earlier this year. The New Jersey native brings a refreshing blend of all the genres that have brought attention to the state’s music scene in the past while continuing to push it forward in his own way.

Matty Carlock on working with Casanova:

"It's a real honour to come together with Casanova to make this track. We linked up at Quad Studio in Times Square, fitting for the chorus, and theme of the song, and we cooked this up. Cass has been such an inspiration around the world for so many people, so this track really means a lot to me. Its been cool seeing him work with 50 Cent, play Madison Square Garden, collaborate with all my favourite artists, it gives people like me and my boys hope. I produced this myself as well. Salute to the 2x boys!"

Check out the video premiere of 'Quick Love' - BELOW:

More on Matty Carlock:

Matty Carlock is an artist from Middletown, NJ. Born into the New Jersey hardcore scene, he cut his teeth singing for underground hardcore outfits including the Metal-core pioneers Shai Hulud. He began to branch out into other genres of music with his debut 2014 Americana release “Loveless.”

He’s since then toured the world, playing sold out shows across the US, Germany, England, Eastern Europe and Canada all while evolving into a hip-hop producer - writing and collaborating with influential rappers such as Cage, Jersey City’s own Albee Al, Chad B, battle rap national champion Arsonal Da Rebel, and Bulletproof Belv, then gaining the attention of superstar Fetty Wap and major media outlets such as The Source Magazine, and Respect Magazine. From hardcore to folk music, to the hottest up and coming rappers in the world - Matty has come full circle to deliver his first LP The Jailbirds in early 2019.

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