VIDEO PREMIERE: Astrologer - Deténte

VIDEO PREMIERE: Astrologer - Deténte

The last year or so has proven to be a big one for Astrologer, the musical project of talented song-writer Andrew Cameron Cline, with Candy Caballero working alongside him as a lead and backup vocalist together with various other contributors and collaborators who each play a vital role in creating the captivating and at times rather thought-provoking songs and sounds the band are becoming more and more known for.

The band really hit their stride and won over a considerable number of music fans towards the end of last year when they dropped their 'Ledgermain (L)' EP. With a new 6-track EP, 'Ledgermain (R)', set for release on July 8th, they're teasing the collection and continuing their upward trajectory with the release of new single "Deténte", which XS Noize are proud to premiere.

Astrologer share that "Deténte" was: "…the last song we recorded for our Legerdemain EPs, and it felt like a celebration while we were recording. Melodies and ideas flowed swimmingly, and the track became a product of the fun we had making it. It acts both as a climactic ending to the EPs as well as an indicator of things to come; an end and a beginning."

Meanwhile, the track's subject matter is something many who hear it will be able to relate to as, in their own words: "Deténte is a metaphor about strained relations between people and the conflicted feelings that arise in the process of healing. Like most of our songs, it is about the complex and complicated relationships between people: emotional, confusing, sometimes ambiguous... It ends with the refrain, 'How many times will it happen again?' and fades away with an optimistic, if uncertain, sense of hope."

Watch 'Deténte' - BELOW:

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