TRACK PREMIERE: Nikki Forova – Diamonds

TRACK PREMIERE: Nikki Forova - Diamonds

Nikki Forova is an indie-pop singer-songwriter known for her piano-driven songwriting with philosophical lyrics and cinematic productions, combining pop and alternative genres into uplifting, yet emotion-stirring indie-pop sound.

She received recognition through her performances on the Los Angeles scene and her MTV appearance doing a duet with Vanessa Carlton, of the hit song “A Thousand Miles.” She released her debut album “Revving Wings” in 2012 and toured independently through Europe and the US.

In 2015, Nikki Forova recorded her second award-winning album “White Dandelions” with which she toured the US, Germany and Switzerland.

Nikki’s new EP “Diamonds” is being released one single at a time. On this EP, Nikki and UK based producer Brendan Davies merge natural and electronic sounds, creating soul-stirring emotions. Nikki’s piano playing creates a vibrant energy coupled with rhythmic beats and multi-layered textures from vocals. There are also abundant live strings, guitars and other colourful sounds which underpin Nikki’s strong lyrics. It’s indie-pop, but with an artistic touch. Nikki has been touring with her band throughout Europe with Diamonds in 2018/2019.

Listen to ‘Diamonds’ – BELOW:


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