TRACK PREMIERE: KOKA – Forever Goodbye

TRACK PREMIERE: KOKA - Forever Goodbye

KOKA is a singer, songwriter and performer born in Albania, living in Berlin. After extreme changes from moving between Greece and Albania during her childhood and early teenage years, having faced the breaking out of a civil war, discrimination and the ups and downs of a conservative education, she moved to Germany to pursue stability in an architect’s career. In the stillness and masks of the corporate world, she became a stranger to herself. Music was her closest ally during all these times, and a band on the side kept her going.

With a unique blend of influences deriving from the 80’s New Wave, Soul, Trip Hop, Grunge to Cinematic Power Ballads, KOKA merges her distinct tastes into a beautiful blend between Art Pop, Indie Soul and Experimental Pop. Her vocal melodies, paired with unique synth-sounds and changing the intensity of drums and percussions, shape into complex journeys leading listeners through scenes of hope with a touch of mysticism.

Her strongest influences revolve around artists such as Kate Bush, Depeche Mode, Radiohead, Portishead, Florence + The Machine, Fever Rae and more.

KOKA Talks About “Forever Goodbye”:

Unlike any other I have dropped until now, this single might leave the audiences surprised for its indie, nostalgic approach with electric guitars, music-box sampled tunes and organic drums.

“Forever Goodbye” talks about leaving behind any type of relationship that feels like a shoe that won’t fit anymore, because it was left lying for too long somewhere in a weird position and hurts.

I wrote this song after I had to make a decision to leave behind a meaningful friendship, that was part of my life for 16 years. Seeing someone I love so much be like a stranger to me and behaving weird made me take the decision to speak openly about it, but my friend turned her back to me making no more space for acceptance.

“Forever Goodbye” has a lightness and soothing vibe to it because it was a chain of synchronicities born out of love and appreciation. From the way it came to me inspired by the love for a friend that prevails no matter what, then having my friend Dean is Home – Singer-Songwriter from Berlin – oIer his help with an electric guitar or anything, just before I went into the studio to start the production and then the music video by my super-fan Paulo Fratinho from Brasil (x-videographer from MTV music) , who spent 2 months on building dolls and little objects to make the perception of the song as touching and immersive as can be.

Forever Goodbye is written to say forgive and leave behind with love because it will help hearts stay healthy and the world become a better place.

Listen to “Forever Goodbye” – BELOW:


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