Talii introduces her unique blend of alternative R&B in soulful new single ‘Scars in the Dark’

Talii introduces her unique blend of alternative R&B in soulful new single ‘Scars in the Dark’

In the modern quick-fix world, it’s becoming more and more difficult for an artist to put across their authenticity and realness, but with Orlando born Tallii, this all comes to her more than naturally. Heavily influenced by 90s and early 2000s R&B and pop, she has taken on the mantle of combining all of these sensibilities together and creating something beyond the norm of what you hear on the day to day.

Born into a family of musicians and creatives, she was immediately drawn to the idea of making art and giving it a reality to be a part of. Writing music from as little as 6 years old, her multicultural background has given her the platform to write songs surrounded by self love and preservation, and inspired by the spiritual nature that embodies her as a person first and foremost.

This has resulted in huge successes with the likes of Billboard and Wonderland Magazine with previous singles ‘Good To Be Bad’ and ‘Front Seat’, who are clearly invested in Talii’s unique style and presence. With Spotify Editorials such as Fresh Finds: The Wave also supporting on single ‘Thickness’, her music is full of sultry, charismatic songs that ooze passion, as well as an individual who possesses the art of songwriting and melodic nous to instil the many, not just the few.

Since first releasing back in 2018, she has gone through different genre explorations, ranging from smooth, neo-soul to colourful, vibrant pop offerings, Talii paved her way through her own sound.

She now arrives with a whole new recreational dosage of R&B infused pop in new single ‘Scars in the Dark’ on February 25th. The track feels like a combination of everything she has released so far, and begins with a smooth, neo-soul guitar line, followed by a hypnotic, almost trap-like beat that drives the song forward. Talii’s vocal then enters and she has no problem in finding a melody that will keep you beautifully present. You can clearly hear the nostalgic sounds of 2000s R&B, reminiscent of early Craig David in terms of production and sonics.

It’s vintage and a golden slice of smooth and versatile R&B infused pop that will no doubt have you clicking repeat, and Talii has certainly begun 2022 with her most exciting song to date in ‘Scars in the Dark.’

Speaking more about the meaning behind ‘Scars in the Dark’ Talii explains:

“This song was like therapy for me to write. It was almost like writing a letter of things I wish I said out loud to my ex’s that did me wrong. Like many people, I’ve been through some really shitty relationships in my past. One thing every bad relationship had in common, was even though I would stay longer than I probably should have. I always got to my breaking point where I woke up and realised I’ve had enough and It was time to walk away. This is basically that moment in a song.”

Listen to ‘Scars in the Dark’ – BELOW:


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