Brighton based duo Sea Bed are not your typical electronic act. With an instrument in one hand and an array of tech reserved for the other, Lizzie Massey and Jim Corbin are more than ready to deliver their unique blend of Indie inspired House music. Their debut EP Rosso has all the infectious rhythms and cyclical phrases to inspire a true sense of excitement and euphoria in the most cynical of listeners.

Massey (vocals/ bass) and Corbin (guitar/ programming) owe their humble beginnings to a vibrant indie-pop scene in Brighton and found their feet when sharing the stage together as part of home-grown four piece Tiny Dragons. Deciding to take an all-together more electronic route for their musical output, the two artists branched out and formed what is now Sea Bed in 2014.

Despite clinging to their organic influences and using the instruments they grew up playing, Sea Bed steadily introduced a dietary supplement of Berghain influenced Techno, UK Bass and House to aid their craft. With a penchant for the deeper, distorted and more melodic, Sea Bed blend sampling, song writing and a broad sonic palette to create their vision of a dark dance floor led utopia. As a band, a duo, and as serious musicians, Sea Bed never stays comfortable for long. Their intent is to meld elements of their past and present into music of the future.

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Take track 2 ‘Caves’, for instance. The track is built around a nagging electronic earworm of a riff that is reinforced by the jumping and skipping pop-funk bass of Massey. A strong-4-to-the-floor beat adds to the track’s defining features and a stripped back section following the verses precedes the catchy phrase taking centre stage to incur its full infectious effect. This could quite easily be a Disclosure track that the fellow UK duo would be proud of. On penultimate track ‘Haunted’, Corbin’s artistry sets the back drop as Massey’s hypnotically harmonised vocals soar and reverberate over a swirling bass and typically trebly high-hat and snare cracks sound. Hints of electronic producer Baths creeps into the mix.

For hybrid indie-house act Sea Bed the power is very much in their hands. With the continued emergence of duos – namely The XX, Disclosure etc. – their blend of typical band instruments and laptops, drum pads and cabling, finds them with many avenues of opportunity to take their contagious style of music wherever they see fit.

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