Riot !n Magenta share their new single 'Voices' (the title track from their forthcoming EP), with DJ Mag. The track sees the Singaporean quintet take a different direction blending ambient rhythms and guitars with languid bass lines and elysian yet rueful lyrics from vocalist Eugenia Yip.

The bands forthcoming EP ‘Voices’ is as multifarious as it is polished. The title-track ‘Voices’, is drenched with ethereal and hypnotic vocals, and you can’t help but become entranced as they dance with the melancholic synth and minimal guitars, it’s wistful yet entirely resolute - Just listen to the drop at 1:00 minute in.

Elsewhere on the EP, tracks such as ‘CTRL’ see the quintet move towards a more dramatic soundscape with Eugenia’s vocals switching from wistful to forlorn, enriched by Khairyl and Hayashida’s sombre yet comforting vacillating synth and rhythm section, ‘CTRL’ is the perfect precedent of the passion and dexterity heard throughout the EP.

Riot !n Magenta's journey could be said to be one of sonic alchemy. Known for their distinctive soulful melodies lined with edgy, rhythmic beats, the quintet crystallizes the diverse musical elements of electronica, trip-hop and soul into smooth, synth driven tracks.

Weaving together the powerhouse vocals of Eugenia Yip with the mellow synths of Hayashida Ken, and the tight, precise rhythms of Khairyl Hashim (guitar), Sulaiman Supian (bass) and Ritz Ang (drums), the quintet from Singapore released their debut EP, R3B007, at Esplanade Recital Studio in 2013.

Riot !n Magenta originally formed as a duo using laptop playback for their live shows. Wanting to break free from technology and create music in a more organic sense, the band has adopted a no-laptops policy for their live sets, and perform everything with their respective instruments.

As artists seeking to constantly re-invent themselves, the musicians are driven by their desire to explore and blur the conventional boundaries of sound. Charmed by that spirit, Riot !n Magenta have been invited to collaborate on events such as Reyka Encounter, an interactive art installation by Icelandic Vodka company Reyka, and Cloud, a film-installation that premiered at Esplanade Theatre Studio Singapore, and toured to Festival Tokyo 2013.

Riot !n Magenta are a band that are constantly exploring how they can push the boundaries of performing electronic music, and their experimentation with different rhythms, tones and moods is what sets them apart from the rest. It’s rare that a band is able to define their sound so equivocally yet so proficiently, and this short but consummated EP, is just an introduction as to what they are capable of.

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