Review: THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Send Away the Tigers 10th anniversary edition


Review: THE MANIC STREET PREACHERS – Send Away the Tigers 10th anniversary edition

Welsh band the Manic Street Preachers are re-issuing their 2007 album Send Away The Tigers as a 10th anniversary album offering 2cd and a DVD bookset. The band stated Send Away The Tigers was a very important record for us. It gave us a new lease of life and helped us to rediscover our love of the band.”

The album was their eighth and deemed a comeback after the supposed ‘commercial failure” of Lifeblood and Know Your Enemy. It contained the hit single Your Love Alone Is Not Enough featuring Nina Pearson from the Cardigans which got to number two. Send Away the Tigers kick-started their career as it received several accolades including number 16 of Q’s Best Album of the Year 2007 and returned them rightfully once more to their stadium status with new vigour.

The 2CD+DVD bookset has the original album (remastered by James Dean Bradfield) but also includes unheard demos, a bonus disc of B-sides and rare tracks and a DVD packed with some great footage including the band’s full Glastonbury set, promo videos and rare and unseen footage from rehearsals. The whole thing is packaged in a book style which includes handwritten lyrics from Nicky Wire and imagery from his own personal archive. It looks very similar to the book presentation of the album deluxe editions that started in 2009 with Journal For Plague Lovers.

The band have played around with the album by remastering it and also have removed Underdogs (although the demo is included) and replaced with Welcome To The Dead Zone, which was originally an extra track on CD2 of Your Love Alone Is Not Enough.

A gatefold 2LP vinyl edition not only includes all those unheard demos on the second LP, it actually includes an extra one not on the 2CD+DVD set – I’m Just a Patsy (cassette home acoustic demo). This includes a download codes.

The band themselves described it as a return to their earlier more hard-edged sound as heard on Generation Terrorists and Everything Must Go. The title was coined from a phrase used by comedian Tony Hancock in relation to getting drunk to battle one’s inner demons.

Highlights include the evocative Indian Summer, (beautifully remastered, sounding clearer and fresher than ever) the infectious aforementioned single Your Love Alone Is Not Enough, with Nina Pearson’s vocals complementing Bradfield’s perfectly. Also, the rousing Winterlovers and the contagious Foggy Eyes that reminds me of a 70s pop song. This is a real treat for fans new and old.

Track Listing.


Send Away The Tigers
Welcome To The Dead Zone
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (feat. Nina Persson)
Indian Summer
The Second Great Depression
I’m Just A Patsy
Imperial Bodybags
Working Class Hero
Send Away the Tigers (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Underdogs (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (DEMO – 60’s Jangle, Faster Studios)
The Second Great Depression (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Autumnsong (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Imperial Bodybags (DEMO, Faster Studios)
Winterlovers (DEMO, Faster Studios)


Ghost Of Christmas
Boxes & Lists
Love Letter to the Future
Little Girl Lost
Fearless Punk Ballad
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (Nina Solo Acoustic)
Red Sleeping Beauty (McCarthy cover)
The Long Goodbye
Morning Comrades
The Vorticists
Autumnsong (Acoustic version)
Anorexic Rodin
Heyday of the Blood
Foggy Eyes (Beat Happening Cover)
Lady Lazarus
You Know It’s Going to Hurt
Tracks in red do not appear on the 2009 Japanese ‘4REAL’ reissue.


Live at Glastonbury 24.06.07
You Love Us
Motorcycle Emptiness
You Stole the Sun From My Heart
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough (with Nina Persson)
Everything Must Go
From Despair to Where
Ocean Spray
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
La Tristesse Durera (Scream to a Sigh)
Imperial Bodybags
Motown Junk
A Design for Life
Your Love Alone Is Not Enough video
Making of Your Love Alone Is Not Enough video
Autumnsong video
Autumnsong alternative video
Indian Summer video
Track By Track
Rehearsals, Cardiff March 2007
Practice Sessions

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  1. Who the hell removes a song? And puts something far inferior in its place? This is seriously messed up. Add to that the DVD contains precious little from this album. Seems more like a money grab since little thought went into the end product.

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