ON THE TURNTABLE: Hardnoise – Untitled

ON THE TURNTABLE: Hardnoise - Untitled

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Yesterday, I found out that Oko Odeghe, AKA TLP1, sadly passed away a few weeks back. This name may not mean a lot to many reading this, but TLP1 was part of the legendary UK Hip Hop crew Hardnoise.

Again, Hardnoise may be new to you too, but if you love Hip Hop, then you need to know about these guys. The group formed in the late 80s whilst they were still at school, and very little was known about them back then, or now either for that matter, other than the incredibly underrated, underground hit ‘Untitled’ (released in 1990) and AA side ‘Mice in the Presence of The Lion/Serve Tea Then Murder’, after which they disappeared.

Some members went on to form Son of Noise and others stayed in the industry, DJing and producing. TLP1 is the first voice you hear on the opening bars of ‘Untitled’, and as far as I’m concerned, it’s not only the best UK Hip Hop track ever recorded, it’s one of THE best tracks EVER recorded, full stop.

The bass, the clever use of samples used throughout (too many to list), the delivery of the vocals, the production skills (considering how young they all were too) and the energy behind all of the above is second to none. If you don’t know, get to know, they paved the way for many. R.I.P. TLP1

Listen to Hardnoise – Untitled – BELOW:

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