Music Genres and Their Seemingly Unrelated Connections

Music, like all forms of art, is a naturally subjective thing. A hundred people could listen to the same song and get a hundred different meanings from it. On the other hand, certain genres of music are a lot more universal in how people understand them and link them to certain ideas. Today, we're looking at those music genres that are inextricably tied to huge parts of our shared culture.

Jazz and Casino

If there's one famous group more tied to the city of Las Vegas than any other, it has to be the Rat Pack with Dean Martin, Sammy Davis Jr. and of course Frank Sinatra. They are connected to the casinos of the Las Vegas Strip as much as Elvis Presley and the jazz and swing music they were famous for has also become synonymous with the casino floor.


It goes beyond that as well, as the digital evolution of casino games has taken the music along with it. While online slot games have all manner of music to match their themes, online table games, such as the roulette games found at, always lean towards that smooth, low-level jazz as a backing track as they aim to emulate a real-life casino in terms of mood and atmosphere. When you think of casinos, you think of jazz.

Rock and Extreme Sports

It's fair to say that the heydey of extreme sports has long since been left behind in the 1990s, but that 'skater culture' has persisted and it's hard to separate certain kinds of rock from that image. In particular, pop punk groups such as Sum 41 and Blink 182 are forever linked to that scene despite both groups now existing with fairly different feels to their music.

The other subgenre that is very much stuck to the 'xtreme' era would be Nu-Metal along the lines of Limp Bizkit, Staind or Papa Roach. It's hard to think of the music without also dredging up memories of backwards baseball caps, clothes covered in random chains for no reason, and endless videos featuring crazy stunts. This is also a style making a big comeback if the folks at are to be believed.

EDM and Crypto

The most recent combo on our list is an unusual one, as it's hard to define crypto as a cultural movement just yet. Technically, we're still in the crypto era, although much of the original hype reached a peak in the mid-2010s. From the start, however, there has been one sound behind every ad and promotion: EDM.


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