Audio Splitter Review: AI Tool for Composers, DJs and Musicians Audio Splitter Review: AI Tool for Composers, DJs and Musicians 1

DJs, karaoke lovers, sound producers, professional musicians and enthusiasts sometimes need to extract vocals and backtracks from audio files. And if that’s reasonably easy to find separate acapella and instrumental tracks of popular songs, when you want to play around with everything that’s in-between mainstream and obscure, you can’t go without a specialized tool.

Vocal isolation is a complicated task that never gives a 100% perfect outcome. Due to the vocal positioning, mastering peculiarities, flaws, and the nature of the process itself, the results will always have some vocal residue and other artefacts.

But with centre-panned voice, stereo sound high-quality audio, and a good separation technique, it’s possible to get decent results. Here’s the tool that helps you extract vocals or instrumental from any audio file -

What is

Due to the growing popularity of AI-powered tools, loops and beats creation is now available to everyone. So whether you’re a DJ, singer who makes covers, sound producer, musician, karaoke lover, or just an amateur learning how to play musical instruments, you can easily leverage the functionality of the service. is an online audio splitting tool that uses AI and machine learning for a delicate vocal and backtrack extraction in any audio file you need. After the extraction, it gives you two separate tracks - vocal and instrumental.

The online interface is outstandingly easy to use. All you need to do is to open the tool in your browser, upload an audio file in any audio format, and wait for the tool to process the data. In just a couple of minutes, you will get the output tracks in the same format and quality as the input file.

How works

The distinguishing feature of the tool is that it doesn’t just extract vocal frequencies, it actually listens to the singer’s voice and backtrack and extracts them in a smart way. was trained on 20TB of data with 45 million neural network parameters to achieve superior results in comparison to other AI-powered audio splitters. The tool also has an API integration. works well with different kinds of audio files: hip-hop tracks, classical music, pop songs, and even podcasts and movies.

With, you can push your creative boundaries and make catchy beats, DJ sets, mixes, or just separate stems to listen to acapella or instrumentals.

Let’s have a closer look at how works.

  1. Open in your browser and press ‘Select File’ on the main page.
  2. Choose the audio processing level.

Before you upload an audio file, you need to pick the processing level, Mild, Normal or Aggressive.

Mild is the minimum processing level which means you might hear both the flaws of the original track and the interpenetration of the separated tracks.

Normal is the default processing level, with moderate filtration applied. Most of the flaws are corrected, but some tracks may contain artificial elements and high frequencies blurring.

Aggressive is the maximum processing level. The filtering algorithms react to possible flaws in the most sensitive way. It may cause some tracks’ natural mixing peculiarities being perceived as errors and thus removed. This level of processing can lead to even more noticeable artefacts.

3. Drag and drop the file from your PC.

4. Wait a bit before the audio is processed.

5. Download the stems or listen to the preview in your browser.

Sounds good! pricing depends on the number of tracks you want to separate stems from and total minutes count. Audio
Before buying a package, you can listen to separated stems previews. If you like what you hear, download full stems directly from the site or have download links sent to your email.

There are four packages: Lite, Professional, and On-Demand.

The Lite package for music lovers and novice musicians allows for uploading up to 10 tracks, or 90 minutes total, and has a 50GB file size limit. For the Lite plan, users pay $10. This plan is a better option for making cover songs, mashups, and learning to play musical instruments.

The Professional package lets users upload 30 tracks or 500 minutes total. This option has a 150GB limit for each file, thus providing better data processing. The Professional package costs $30. This option works well for professional needs, including extracting movie effects, backtracks and voices or creating karaoke song packs.

If the default Professional package offered by is not sufficient enough for audio specialists’ needs, users can request a customized On-Demand plan on the official website. The rates are negotiable.

Audio stems extraction is now a no-brainer with!

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