JOSHUA BURNSIDE releases new album 'Higher Places' with new single 'Never Was Never Were'

JOSHUA BURNSIDE releases new album 'Higher Places' with new single 'Never Was Never Were'
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The final chapter of the 'Into The Depths Of Hell' story has arrived. With the release of 'Higher Places', a collection of unheard cuts, remixes and new tracks, alt-folk songwriter Joshua Burnside helps us emerge from the depths, back into the light. Released on May 7th alongside the single 'Never Was, Never Were', the dramatic ending to the sister album of 'Into The Depths Of Hell' looks towards the heavens with a wry, cynical eye.

Featuring singles such as the atmospheric 'The Only Thing I Fear - uladh. Remix' and the title track 'Higher Places', Burnside presents a brand new track 'Never Was, Never Were'. Combining firey latin brass, alt-rock energy, post-punk arrangements and Burnsides' signature ability to flow effortlessly between tone changes, 'Never Was, Never Were' brings this chapter of Burnside's canon to a climactic conclusion. Inspired by a flight from Sunday school, hidden on a dark stage from preachers and teachers, 'Never Was, Never Were' is a foil to the hulking found sounds and synthetic doom-folk of 'Into The Depths Of Hell', presenting new emotional horizons, imaginative worlds and tense stories for the listener to delve into.

Listen to 'Never Was, Never Were' - BELOW:

Joshua Burnside is something of an anomaly. With a brooding, powerful sound echoing artists of places afar and time long gone, his enthralling craft strives towards an aesthetic as much as visual as it is sonic. Balanced with a diverse palette of sounds, Burnside deftly blends alt-folk and elements of the Irish folk song tradition with South American rhythms and Eastern European influences, whilst introducing synthetic and found-sounds, synths loops and crunching beats to create a stormy world that shifts and swirls perspective like a lingering lucid dream.

Listen to 'Higher Places' - BELOW:


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