CLAUDILLEA shares video for new single ‘Don’t You Know?’ – Watch Now

CLAUDILLEA shares video for new single ‘Don’t You Know?’ - Watch Now

A truly distinctive artist, Claudillea sets her stunning operatic voice to a blend of pop, trap, hip-hop and electronica – a genre she calls OPPOP. As shown by her recent debut single ‘Habanera’ and her popularity on The Voice (initially on Team Meghan before being poached by Will.I.Am), Claudillea’s twist on operatic makes it accessible and appealing to the Millennial and Gen Z generations.

Claudillea today shares her brand new single ‘Don’t You Know?’ alongside its official video. Blending elegant ethereal atmospherics with a timeless trip-hop edge, the track finds Claudillea’s two musical cultures – chic opera and leftfield pop – organically merging into one all-encompassing sound with a compelling global potential. Written solely by Claudillea, it was produced by Leo Clayton.

Claudillea says, “‘Don’t You Know?’ revolves around mental health. I wrote it for my sister who was going through a tough time. It reminded me of a time in New York when I had just graduated from university and found myself really struggling with mental health, to the point where I found it incredibly hard to get out of bed. Of course while in a state of depression, we think we’ll never get out. This song is a message to anyone who may be in that place, to understand that we all fall down in life, but ‘don’t you know’ you will make it through?”

The ‘Don’t You Know?’ video uses water as a poetic metaphor for the song’s message. Claudillea is depicted underwater, constantly battling to reach the surface. Just as her escape begins to look impossible, she somehow rises to the surface. The video was directed by Vivian Full, a Vietnamese/Chinese/Canadian filmmaker and actor who attended the Interlochen Arts Academy in Michigan at the same time as Claudillea. Together with Venn Studios, Claudillea executive produced the video.

The video was supported by Medklinn, a dynamic and innovative health technology brand. They have launched the world’s first patented Cerafusion technology, which replicates the natural sterilization process by producing active oxygen to eliminate 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other toxic substances. The release of ‘Don’t You Know?’ will also see Claudillea raise funds for the Samaritans across her social media platforms through various fundraising initiatives.

Watch the video for  ‘Don’t You Know?’ – BELOW:

Originally from Cambridgeshire and now based in London, Claudillea’s multicultural background gives her a global perspective as well as the sense that anything is possible. She was raised in Borneo, Malaysia, before her experiences in music took her across the globe. She was awarded a scholarship to study classical music at Michigan’s Interlochen Arts Academy before attending the Manhattan School of Music in New York to complete a BMus in Voice.

Claudillea subsequently starred in the off-Broadway musical ‘Whiskey Pants: The Mayor of Williamsburg’ before returning to the UK to focus on her career as an independent artist.

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