ALBUM REVIEW: Biitchseat – Float


ALBUM REVIEW: Biitchseat - Float

Cleveland, Ohio-based indie-rock outfit Biitchseat’s new album, Float, reveals the band’s sonic evolution since its first album, To Name All the Bees in the Backyard, which displayed a direct sound. Float expands atmospherically, taking on symphonic aromas while still retaining the band’s ‘90s alt-rock tangs.

The band is made up of Talor Smith (vocals, guitar), Kristin Schmit (vocals, guitar), Connor Hunt (bass), and Evan Searls (drums), and the fact that Kristin, Connor, and Talor all play the cello perhaps explains the orchestral residue of Float.

Talor Smith explains, “That’s essentially all of our main instruments. We were in a band that was super committed with that, and we got kind of burned out on that. Now we’re all very eager to bring what I cornily refer to ‘our roots’ back into it.” Float comprises ten tracks, beginning with “I’ll Still Be Thinking of You,” which opens on dark, raw colours topped by shadowy vocals that elevate with the harmonics. The rumbling, syncopated percussion imbues the tune with hefty, pulsing energy.

Highlights on the album include “Wake Up,” a dreamy, glistening song reminiscent of Fleetwood Mac. Lush, radiant harmonies give the song softly glowing textures, adding a shimmering dimension to the lyrics.

“Tipesh” travels on dirty guitar washes as velvety, evocative vocals ride overhead, juxtaposing the gravelly guitar with graceful colouration. Initially tinted with remote country tendrils, “Blackberries and Cherry Cola” shifts to murky, grunge-laced guitars, infusing the tune with heavy layers of grimy surfaces.

The guitar intro to “I Think I Hate You Now” recalls Pearl Jam and then alters to thick tiers of Jovian, muddy guitars, reflecting suggestions of country-rock amalgamated with muscular indie-rock. A gentle, strumming guitar backed by redolent strings opens the last track, “Make Your Mark,” a luxurious, gliding tune featuring exquisitely redolent vocals.

Balanced and charged with complexity while simultaneously potent, Float offers captivating melodies, brawny rhythms, and alluring, gorgeous vocals.

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