ALBUM PREMIERE: Son Kuma – Good For Life

ALBUM PREMIERE: Son Kuma – Good For Life

Inglewood rapper and vocalist Son Kuma introduces his debut album, Good For Life, featuring 17 self-recorded tracks exploring the juxtaposition of dark and light in the universe.

Explaining, Son Kuma shares, Good For Life “embraces the inherent wave-nature of life. The duality of good and bad, high and low…such patterns are riddled throughout the universe…I wanted the album to embrace many of the laws of reality that exist all around us: gravity, time, light, energy. Since I’m a physics major at Stanford, I have a decent background of understanding most of these concepts and translating them into the form of music.”

After his academic suspension from Stanford in 2017, Son Kuma began making music, releasing his mixtape, Indica, which collected more than 7 million streams, followed by releasing another mixtape, Sativa, in 2019. Son Kuma set the stage for his ascendant talent with his silky-smooth sound and his authentic lyricism, culminating in Good For Life.

The album begins with “Pitiful,” opening on gleaming shimmers of colour flowing into potently throbbing, measured rhythm, riding a cavernous bassline and thumping kick-drum. Contrasting textures, one deep and vibrating, the other emanating luminous sparkles, give the tune dichotomous textures as Son Kuma’s distinctive, honeyed flow imbues the rhymes with quickfire delivery complemented by cashmere melodicism.

Entry points include “Make It Big,” vaguely reminiscent of Post Malone’s velvety surfaces. Glossy, slick undulations infuse the melody with alluring layers of sound. Whereas “I Know” blends thick trap pulses with tints of reggae, while Son Kuma’s rolling flow adds delicious sonic flavours.

“Free Masons” travels on a fat shuddering bassline topped by slow glistening hues, while Son Kuma’s persuasive flow injects the rhymes with insightful annotations. Chill and dripping with misty washes of colouration, “My Love Is Almost Gone” glimmers on suffusing textures. Soft and affluent, Son Kuma’s rising and falling flow mesmerizes.

“Reach The Stars” trembles on a heavy bassline as lustrous timbres flicker. Son Kuma’s flow on this track is at once hypnotic and mellifluous. “Do It Like This” merges pop savours with buoyant hip-hop zest, resulting in a luscious, carefree track.

The title track closes out the album, offering a low-slung intoxicating rhythm crowned by Son Kuma’s quick-silver rapping flow, ever so effortless and yummy.

Marked out by Son Kuma’s eloquent, gilded flow, Good For Life is simultaneously innovative, creamy, brawny, and oh so irresistible.

Listen to Son Kuma – Good For Life – BELOW:

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