VIDEO PREMIERE: Ishi & CAPYAC - “Goody Goody,” feat. Cure For Paranoia & Rudy Devino

VIDEO PREMIERE: Ishi & CAPYAC - “Goody Goody,” feat. Cure For Paranoia & Rudy Devino

Electronic artist Ishi and electronic dance duo CAPYAC introduce the music video for “Goody Goody,” featuring the talents of Cure For Paranoia and Rudi Devino.

CAPYAC explains, “We decided, in the tremendous silence of an early summer evening, to remix a song by Dallas musician Ishi. After various attempts at transmutation, in our normal style of our CAPYAC remixes, we decided a scrambled egg approach fit best. The 2nd verse became the first; the first verse became the bridge, each chapter of the song harking back to that musical egg we all know and love. We brought in Rudi Devino, a longtime collaborator based in Austin, to add words to the mix. And in a matter of a few days, we finished the remix and continued our slow walk toward that magnificent and terrifying unknown we call ‘the incessant demand for consistency in the mechanical teeth of Spotify’s relevancy incinerator.’”

Recently signed to Swedish indie label Icons Creating Evil Art, Ishi will release his third studio album, Sweet Gold, this autumn. “Goody Goody” showcases a creamy, funky jazz rhythm with hints of hip-hop running through it. Scintillating colours and skiffing riffs imbue the tune with silky-smooth leitmotifs, undulating on opulent waves of sound, at once sensuous and alluring.

Stylish rapping-lite vocals give the lyrics smouldering timbres, followed by melodic textures of cashmere vocals dripping with velvety R&B tones. Cool, sumptuous, and seductive, “Goody Goody” offers plush harmonics, along with grand, glossy vocals.

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