TRACK PREMIERE: Sunmates – I’m Not Strong

TRACK PREMIERE: Sunmates – I’m Not Strong

Lexington, Kentucky-based synth-pop outfit Sunmates introduce their brand-new song, “I’m Not Strong,” a track from their upcoming second EP, appropriately entitled II. Later this year, Sunmates plans to issue their first self-titled EP and II bundled together as a full-length album.

Talking about the song’s inspiration, guitarist/vocalist John Wise shares, “When I wrote the song, I was caught between two very harsh realities. The first being the murder of Breonna Taylor, which happened in Kentucky, and the second being the possible end to live music as I had previously known it due to Covid-19. I wanted to be engaged with the protests happening and be present and aware of how my community was hurting, but I was also trying to understand my place and voice in this situation, especially as a white artist. “

He goes on to add, “This song will always remind me of that summer spent with local organizers and studying how apathy from white communities has allowed for long term suffering of many groups of marginalized peoples.”

Comprised of Shelby Watson (synth, guitar), Logan Todd (bass, synth), and Brandon Smith (drums, vocals), John Wise started the band but is quick to say, “Even though I started the band, it’s not mine.” Together, Sunmates’ members form a cohesive, collaborative community.

Influenced by their Southern milieu, along with new wave bands such as Talking Heads and Tears for Fears, and indie artists like Local Natives and Phoenix, Sunmates’ distinctive sound blends tinctures of Americana with the modernistic production of synth-pop, giving their music sui generis textures.

“I’m Not Strong” opens on video game-like tones flowing into a throbbing rhythm topped by new wave-laced ethereal layers of colouration. John’s voice infuses the lyrics with passionate dreamy savours as plush harmonies imbue the tune with a lustrous sonic dimension.

“I’m not strong /I ’m not strong / I’m not strong enough to hold / All my love /Such a weight on my heart / I’m not strong enough to hold / It’s a weight, it’s a weight, it’s a weight / All my love.”

Pulsating with intertwining shimmering hues, “I’m Not Strong” delivers creamy waves of delicious glossy surfaces rinsed with gleaming patinas.

Listen to ‘I’m Not Strong’ – BELOW:

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