Pine Barons

Over the decades, artists from around the world have covered songs by solo artists and groups that have heavily influenced or inspired their own sound. One such band are Philly art-rock group Pine Barons who have recorded their own version of Fishmans' "ゆらめき IN THE AIR", which XS Noize are proud to premiere.

Fishmans were a Japanese band known for their rather eclectic, experimental sound that blended psych, folk, dream pop and reggae. While they never achieved a high level of success during their active period of the 80s and '90s, in recent years, they've become immensely popular and now have a cult-like following and will surely earn some more fans off the back of Pine Barons' latest release.

The track is the second to be lifted from their Fishmans cover album, 'I LOVE FISH', due for release on July 8. Vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Keith Abrams shares: "ゆらめき IN THE AIR has a haunting quality to it, lyrically and the way it moves. The first version I heard was the live performance off Otokotachi no Wakare. From this sort of cosmic meditative intro, like leaving the earth behind as you enter the upper atmosphere, this creeping hypnotic pulse comes with bass and drums. The progression feels ahead of its time, and it blew me away."

Asked exactly why the band chose to cover this song in particular, he adds: "As the last Fishmans single to be released in 1998, it was an important one to include on this album. I wanted to marry the essence of the live version with the studio version, with a slight deviation from the structure. When it feels like it might come to an end, it blasts off into this other realm where you forget you're listening to the same song."

Listen to 'ゆらめき IN THE AIR' - BELOW:

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