Ten Fé return with new track 'Single, No Return' ahead of London headline show

Ten Fé return with new track 'Single, No Return' ahead of London headline show

Ten Fé is back with a new single ‘Single, No Return’, as Rob, Johnny and Alex join Ben & Leo in the band. The single comes as the band prepare to headline London's Dingwalls on November 23rd.

Since releasing their debut album ‘Hit The Light’ in February this year, the band have been constantly on tour across the UK, Europe and the US. As soon as they got back from Austin City Limits in October, they went into the studio in London to put down new songs. The first glimpse is the deep and rootsy ‘Single, No Return’ and marks the first release they’ve recorded as a five piece, with Ben Moorhouse and Leo Duncan now joined permanently by Rob Shipley, Johnny Drain and Alex Hammond. The five have been on the road all together for nearly 18 months - developing a deep musical bond whilst winning over sold-out venues and packed out festival crowds - not to mention the years they’ve known each other growing up. It felt the most natural thing in the world that the band become the five of them. With a bunch of new songs under their belt, they’re heading off to Norway in a couple of weeks to record their second full length album.

The swagger and stride of ‘Single, No Return’ give a sense of a band who are loving being on the road and playing together night after night. The theme is pretty timeless and the band refer to it as a direct descendant of Hank William’s ‘Ramblin Man’, a song that they have in their busking repertoire. When it came to arranging it, it naturally had the country, Stones, CCR, CSN&Y vibe with a bit of Black Country swing added to the mix.

Listen to 'Single, No Return' BELOW:

The band play their biggest London headline show to date at Dingwalls on Thursday 23 November. TICKETS HERE

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