Photography: Holly Mason

When I told my friends I was going to a Raleigh Ritchie gig they looked at me like “who is that?” but as soon as I said ‘Grey Worm’ from Game of Thrones and showed them a song or two their ears stood up and they were as excited for me as I was!

With great support from DJ Chris Loco who warmed up the crowd, Raleigh Ritchie’s distinctive raw urban RnB talent was displayed last night at Manchester Academy. The young singer who’s signed to Columbia Records wasn’t shy with the crowd as he got them yelling as if he was still playing his role in Adulthood.

His chorus in ‘Stronger Than Ever’ grabbed everyone’s attention almost as if he was reading poetry with a melody backing it up, with lyrics like “Clumsily grasp myself by thinking I’ll be better off alone” you can tell he is impassioned by the music.

Photography: Holly Mason

Raleigh Ritchie released a second EP titled ‘Black And Blue’, back in 2014. ’Stronger Than Ever’ became a top 40 hit, what an emotional track with a video that follows.

His stage presence was quite dynamic and vibrant, at various points of the night R.R was jumping around the stage like an excited child wearing his the dye and cap while jamming out with everyone on the other side of the stage, you can see in his body language and the way he stares out into the audience that he loves and has a passion for what he does.

Watch video for ‘Bloodsport 15’ BELOW:

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