There were small chatters around the crowd while waiting for Billie Marten to begin her set at Manchester Academy 3, she walked onto the stage and jumped straight into her first song after introducing herself. She seemed quite shy, but her voice certainly wasn’t!

“This song is about finding where you are, not physically but mentally.” The crowd listened intently as she began to sing 'Roots'. All I could think of after her set was how much she reminded me of Ellie Goulding with an acoustic guitar.


Next up is London singer songwriter, Jake Isaac, you can see he’s happy to be here as he’s smiling and singing all throughout his set. during intermission he grabs the mic and says “Nearly all of the songs tonight are from EP’s so you can get them from iTunes of Spotify if you haven’t got money.”

What stood out about him was his ability to interact with the audience. He unplugged his electric acoustic, jumped off stage and created a campfire circle to perform 'I’m A Man', and this created a wonderful atmosphere for Lucy.

Lucy Rose almost fell to the ground with guitar in hand losing herself in the sound, with the Academy at capacity, the room is oven-like but everyone is too engrossed in the music to care about over heating.


She looks up into the crowd and shouts “Alright Manchester!?” half way through 'Middle of The Bed', with such an angelic powerful voice, Lucy took over Manchester Academy 3 “I hope you guys don’t mind but i’m gonna try and play some piano, pretty edgy for me, this song’s called Nebraska

Each song had a perfect build up which grabbed every listeners attention, it was a very intimate and emotional evening. A big flag with her name on was draped over the back of the stage, male backup vocals gave even more depth to her songs and created a nice atmosphere for the listeners to witness.


The crowd went silent as Lucy spoke about her next song “Writing these songs when I’m in a certain place of inner turmoil and whether or not I should carry on doing what I do can be difficult. Someone wrote me a beautiful letter and my next song is completely inspired by that person, who has actually come along to this gig tonight, I don’t want to embarrass you but thank you!”

She then went on into her inspired song called 'She’ll Move'. Her entire set list consisted of classic love songs that everyone could learn from and relate to, which is what made the evening more worthwhile, she’s like nothing I’ve ever heard before and it was brilliant.

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