Carrickmacross quartet The Flaws 3rd Studio Album , Springtime for The Flaws is their first LP in 5 years. A long hiatus between albums seems to be a part of their mantra and success, but was this one worth the wait?

The album opens with minimalist electric guitar backing soulful vocals from Finn on Going Arial. In this opening, he almost sounds akin to Dan Wilson on “Secret Smile” from Semisonic before ascending into the pop-punk-rock stylings we are used to. Throughout the album, Finn’s vocals sound close to the edge at the high points and through the mid-range and lows they are reminiscent of Gary Lightbody’s performances with Snow Patrol.

It’s an enjoyable listen and there’s a good measure of anthemic sing-along melodies from the off: It’s not impossible…we’re going arial and I was raised by animals, I was taken by wolves will be stuck in your head for days.

Disappoint and Go is the heaviest number on the LP and will undoubtedly get some moshing started live. Fast paced, razor-edged guitars litter the verse before hitting a melodic chorus, of the choices to hand it is the most anthemic number on the album and my personal favourite from this offering.

Water Riots starts with a lighter edge, the riff reminding me of “Banana Pancakes” by Jack Johnson it’s a welcome chilled track before the delectable audible storm that is Shake Your Bones.

The Flaws – That’s What You Get Official Music Video on MUZU.TV.

The closing track, Ourside is a bit of a downer and while I feverently hoped for a final uplift, unfortunately it wasn’t forthcoming, leaving me feeling like something was missing. Personally, I think it would have been a fitting mid-LP track which would allow the album to finish on a high. I think that this album is a great listen, but it lacks a big stand-out track. Consequently, in a sea of similar bands, Springtime for The Flaws may be eclipsed by offerings from their peers, but I hope I’m wrong.

All the while, the songs are all well constructed and with the above exception, the album carries a happy, upbeat vibe which will be many-a-fan’s soundtrack of the summer. It’s a worthwhile buy and I would definitely recommend it to existing fans.

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