TRACK OF THE DAY: HOLY HOLY - 'Sentimental and Monday'

Australian duo Holy Holy release their debut album, When the Storms Would Come this Friday. The band are the product of a chance meeting of two transient Aussies while travelling Europe, both volunteering as English Teachers. After a 5+ year journey, covering thousands of miles Timothy Carroll (Vox) and Oscar Dawson (Guitar/Composition) found themselves back in Australia with a full band: Ryan Strathie (Drums) and Graham Ritchie (Bass) having created one of the most epic debut albums I’ve heard in years.

It’s obvious that the guys favour classic songwriting techniques, citing such artists as Neil Young, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Bruce Springsteen, Pink Floyd and Dire Straits as influences, but listening to the breadth and depth of sound you can also hear echoes of the likes of U2 & Led Zeppelin in their sonic soundscape. This sound fronted by the kind of silken vocals you hear from Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty but with added power, makes for a full sound, without bounds and yet with nothing superfluous.

Opener Sentimental and Monday sets the record off as it means to go on with twinkling, resonant guitar and smooth bass and drums. Coupled with chilled vocals singing “this darkness, is nothing but a lack of light” flowing forth like a meandering river leaves you swaying involuntarily like a tree in the wind. Outside of the Heart of it follows suit with echoes of The Eagles Hotel California ringing throughout.

The pace and fullness builds up for the next three tracks into You Cannot Call for Love Like a Dog, a track as epic as it’s title. A simple, punchy bass line and drum beat set the backing for sporadic, psychedelic guitar and driving vocals making for what is simply put is a belter of a track. From here on out they slow things down a bit, but maintain a pace and sound that will leave you far from bored. In fact, from start to finish, every track will keep you engaged, revealing a new musical morsel from the depth of their sound to savour with every listen.

I wouldn’t have believed it possible for a debut, but Holy Holy have produced an album on such a scale as many well established acts would have been proud. I for one will struggle to skip past this one when I turn on my stereo and will not hesitate to spread the word, Holy Holy are in town and they mean business!

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